Our Story

Gharyan Stoneware, based in Montreal, Canada, was founded by Gus and his sister following their collaboration with renowned collection designer Nelson Sepulveda. Nelson's distinguished portfolio, featured prominently by luxury brands such as HERMES, LE BON MARCHE, DOSA, KHADI & Co, and CARAVANE, inspired a vision that transcended mere product creation. His emphasis on both the image and ethics of design resonated deeply with Gharyan's mission: to craft products that embody nature's own artistry.

Our journey begins in the Cap Bon peninsula of Tunisia, where Gharyan sources pure, mineral-rich clay from the azure depths of the Mediterranean Sea. This region boasts a centuries-old tradition of pottery, nurtured by expert craftsmen amidst gardens of citrus, roses, vines, and jasmine. These artisans, guardians of millennia-old artistry, continue to handcraft our stoneware pieces today.

Sustainability and fair trade are fundamental to Gharyan. We collaborate exclusively with partners who share our values, ensuring our products are made under safe conditions that prioritize artisan welfare and environmental stewardship.

In addition to our stoneware, GHARYAN has expanded its product line to include olive wood kitchenware and other home decor items. This expansion reflects our dedication to quality craftsmanship and our desire to bring a wider range of beautiful, ethically-made products into your home.

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